Nutrition LED Lights

The Cholorba Series High Power LED Grow Lights

Featuring: Nutrition504 LED and the Regulator800


After extensive research in the marketplace and understanding the shortcomings of the current designs, LED Grow Lights Outlet introduces the latest in LED lighting technology....the ChloroBa Nutrition Light Series. The ChloroBa series covers all sizes and requirements of lighting for a variety of growers. There is a 90W UFO, 300W panel and the 500W Nutrition Light.

The 500W Nutrition Light is the latest addition to our product line and is equipped with state of the art design and full spectrum lighting for all stages of the growth cycle. Red, Blue, White, Green and Infrared LEDs give growers the flexibility to grow any species of plant and offer them the power of the sun. This light replaces 800W-1200W HPS in energy, efficiency and maximum yield and lasts 50,000 hours.

Did you see our feature article in the May edition of Maximum Yield? We are the featured cover story, offering an informative buyers guide for LED grow lights for consumers. We care about our customers and stand behind the research and results that our products boast.

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